Artificial Grass
فهرس, كتالوج على الانترنت, ملعب لكرة القدم, حلبة سباق الخيل,

البلاطات المطاطية


Rubber tiles are manufactured with recycled mixture of SBR & EPDM granules joint with a special polyurethane binder. It provides safer and elastic surface.


Shock absorption
Prevents falling and sliding on wet surfaces.
Wear&tear , moisture resistant
More hygienic than sand surfaces.
Easy maintanence and cleaning.
Local repairing possibility.
15-25 mm products can be applied on concrete and asphalt. Where as 40 mm and thicker products may be applied on Compacted ground.

Places of Use

Sport Surfaces
Pavement, walking and jogging tracks, bcycle ways.
Children playing areas
Nurseries, hospitals, rest homes.
Gardens, terraces, balconies
Pet hospitals.
Shooting range facilities.
Car parkings and entrances.

Avaliable dimensions & Colors

20x25 cm dimensions 15 - 25 - 40 mm thicknes interlocking tiles 50x50 cm dimensions 25 - 40 mm mm thicknes square tiles.
Available in red, green , black colors.

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